Thursday, September 1, 2011

Favorites - Day 5 TopCoats

Hey Everyone! It's so hard to find a good top coat out there in the market today. There are soooo many! So before you waste your money on one you have heard about let us tell you our favorites.

So my favorite Top Coat is by the brand CHI. Yes the same company who does the ceramic straighteners. It is actually a ceramic top coat which I thought was cool and unique. I found it in the bargain bin at ULTA a few months ago and I just am so in love with it. I'm really rough on my nails and I'm clumsy so chips come so easy to me on a pretty mani. Ever since I started using this top coat my mani stays in place for a week or more. It dries under a minute too which is even better!!
Here is what you should look for:

It retails for $8 but I got it on sale for $3.99.

My pick for favorite Top Coat is Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat. I first heard about it on youtube and on several blogs (sorry don't remember where) and decided to get it. I love this stuff!! It actually really dries quick. I use the top coat on one hand and by the time I'm polishing the 2nd hand the first one has already dried. Not only do I like that it dries fast but Seche Vite also leaves your nails super shiny. I also find that when I use really gritty glitter polish, this top coat makes my nails really smooth.
I can't even tell you how many bottles I've gone through. I'm even contemplating on buying a huge bottle, and that's just to refill my small bottle lol. Now I'm not sure where else this is sold but I bought mine at Sally's Beauty supply store. It retails for $7.99 but if you have the beauty club card you can get it for $6.49. I know its a little pricey but it's well worth the money. I would recommend getting e-mail notifications from Sally's because that's I how I bought it in the past for less. If you've tried Seche Vite before and have found something like it for less...let us know.

So other than these two, is there a top coat that you just can't live without? If so comment and let us know!

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