Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm a Q traitor...

Title confusing??? Let me clear that up for you :) I work for QVC and have for almost 9 years. I absolutely love it there because the people are friendly and it doesn't hurt that I get 30% off most products! Well recently I've been addicted to watching ShopNBC. They ship super quick and put everything in 1 package (one thing QVC is working on doing). Well I am a jewelry addict and I might need a new armoire to store my growing collection. I like big bold pieces and I'm not afraid to wear them even though I'm a petite lady :)

So I'm just going to share the pieces I have so far!

So this is the first piece I ordered from ShopNBC. It's a Sterling Silver 6.5" MultiColor Sapphire & Tsavorite Enamel Flower Bracelet (if you're interested it's item #J316794 and right now it's on clearance for $129.34). It is so pretty and can go with several different colors :) It is for a small wrist though so if you need a 7 inch or bigger you might not want to order this.

Bracelets, bracelets...and oh more bracelets :) Ok QVC used to carry Cloisonne Items and I loved them so when I saw these I had to have them!!! 7.25" Set of Seven Cloisonne Bangle Bracelets - J318206. Right now they are $29.50.


Another thing I love are big bold rings. I am starting a very nice collection of them :) The first one is so unique and I am in love with it! Why? Because I love sea turtles! This is a Sterling Silver / Platinum Turquoise & White Zircon Turtle & Starfish Ring - J311725. Right now it is selling for $87.50. I wear a size 5 and it fit my pointer finger perfectly! That's usually where I wear the big statements rings by the way :)
Now anything unique I have to have! This is ring has a gorgeous stone that I've never seen before but it is absolutely beautiful! It's a Sterling Silver Mohave Purple Turquoise Ring - J204342. Right now it is for sale for $39.48. I love the gold flecks in it!
Now this next ring is no longer for sale because it was a clearance item but I'm gonna share it anyway...I got it for about $10! Amazing! The stones are actually glass and it's set in a gunmetal.
This last ring is, well it's my favorite! I love anything zebra print and pink and this ring combined both for a gorgeous piece of jewelry! It's a Sterling Silver Black & Fuchsia Austrian Crystal Dome Ring - J314693. Right now you can buy it for $49.12 on clearance! I've only worn it once and I got so many compliments on it!
Ok like I said I love pink! I saw these cute, beautiful pink stud earrings and new I had to have them! Yes my name is Kourtney and I'm an impulse shopper! LOL! Anyways these are 14K White or Yellow Gold Gemstone Choice Kellie Anne Stud Earrings - I8028 and you can get them right now for $89.64. I purchased the permanent coated Bahaman Pink Topaz. They are comfortable and just as pretty in person as they are in the picture!

So there you have it! 've only been shopping with ShopNBC for a few months but I have no complaints. They have such unique designs when it comes to jewelry and the qaulity has been top notch so far! And they always have specials running where you can split the total into payments so it's not a huge dent in your wallet :) So if you are on the fence about shopping here I say go for it! You won't be sorry!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

China Glaze Crackle Craze!

Woohoo my first post!!! So excited to start this blog! I know there are thousands of blogs out there but I just want an official place where I can share the stuff I love to use and my reviews on them! Posting pictures on facebook just isn't enough for me now haha! So onto my first review!

My best friend and I are obsessed with nail polish and when we heard China Glaze was coming out with their version of the crackle polish in more than 1 color we flipped out! We both ordered all of them from Trans Design as soon as they were available for purchase.

So if you don't already know CG came out with 6 colors of the crackle polish...those colors are Black Mesh (black obviously), Crushed Candy (pastel like teal), Broken Hearted (gorgeous pink), Fault Line (purple), Cracked Concrete (awesome gray) and finally Lightening Bolt (white). So far I have used the Pink and the Gray. Love both of them!!!

This is OPI Designer series Radiance with the China Glaze Broken Hearted crackle on top. I seriously couldn't stop staring at my nails! So pretty! Not to mention the pink crackled very easily!

This is OPI Flower to Flower with China Glaze Cracked Conrete on top. Just a quick tip: I tried the Cracked Conrete on top of Zoya's new color Dannii and you could barely see the base color :( So choose colors that you can easily see as the base coat! No dark on dark. So anyways this is pretty and it also crackled very easily once on!

There are just so many color combinations you can do and it's just a unique look! The only complaint I have is the brush...It is not very big and doesn't hold alot of polish. But other than that I love this stuff and want to get back ups, and then more back ups for my back ups haha!! OPI is going to be coming out with another one of their Shatter polish's but in Silver and I am so wanting that now! I love silver!!!

So I end this first blog post with a request....Go out and buy the crackle polish and start having fun!