Saturday, September 3, 2011

Favorites - Day 7 - It's the WEEKEND!!

We hope that you've enjoyed our week of favorites. We are going to end the week with our favorite nail art. It's the weekend, time to have fun with friends and family and we our nails to reflect our fun personalities.

I'm a big fan of nail stickers. They are easy and quick and great for me because I can't draw LOL. For my mani I used Lex Cosmetics Cayman Cabana. It went on really nice and lasted a long time. Not to mention the bottle is super cute! They cost about $10 and you can purchase them here.

So I did 1 base coat from China Glaze and 2 layers of Caymen Cabana and then just added some flower nail stickers I got at Target and then finished with a top coat of CHI :) Enjoy!

I think there are many fun ways to decorate your nails, but I personally like the stamping technique. I first learned about this when I did a search for nail art on youtube and what I got were videos of Konad. I kept watching and thought it was a really cool concept. I think the very first person's videos I started to watch was PlasmaSpeedo. I love her Konad videos and think she's really sweet and very creative. I've even re-created some of the looks she's done. I also enjoy watching sayanythingbr00ke, which I've mentioned her before, and she too has done some cool stamping tutorials. I think stamping is fairly easy, some do require a little more patience but all in all it gives great results. I get more compliments when my nails have images stamped on them. I also get asked what salon I get my nails done at, which I say  "thank you, but I did them myself” lol. Now, there isn't just Konad image plates, Bundle Monster is another brand and there are no name brands you can find online or in some stores. You can purchase Konad and Bundle Monster online through several websites and prices may very. Below are just a few more ways I've used these images plates besides the ones I've shown in past posts.

You can click here to see PlasmaSpeedo's tutorial for this look. I didn't have a grey like her look so I used a red.
So there you have it! Do you have a favorite nail art that you use? If so comment to us!!! Have a great saturday everyone!

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