Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Chelsea Lately

Hey all Gabbz here,

So for today I decided to do a manicure inspired by one of my and Kourt's favorite shows, Chelsea Lately. The show stars the funny comedian Chelsea Handler. Now, this show may not be for everyone. She's very blunt, and crass and likes to make fun of a lot of people. She also comes out with some witty lines usually making fun of someone which Kourt and I have incorporated into out everyday vocabulary. For instance, if someone we know does or says something dumb we follow it with a look and say "you're so stupid" lol. If someone does something wrong or bad we don't say "oh no, you didn't" we say "Homo-you didn't" lol. Now, these are not to offend anyone personally. There are many, many more but we won't give them all away. Keep in mind we say these things as a joke and usually end up saying them to one another or a close friend who gets our sense of humor.

The basis of the late night show it that Chelsea along with three other comedians at a round table to talk about current events. Topics can include politics, celebrities shenanigans or just off the wall topics of things happening around the world. After about two segments of the round table topics she then interviews a celebrity usually involving something new they are promoting. Chelsea Lately can be watched weeknights on E! at 10p/9c.

I forgot to mention one important thing, not only is she funny but she loves her some alcohol, as do I lol. So for this manicure I decided to pay homage to her and drew a martini on my accent nail. I also incorporated similar colors that could be found in her show's logo. I did a french tip manicure which I used Zoya in Areej for the base and OPI Grape Set Match. I also drew a line of Zoya's Charla in between Areej and GSM.

So onto the pictures....

My Chelsea Lately Mani
For the Martini I drew it with LA Colors Art Deco in Black
the "drink" is also Art Deco in Baby Pink and used
Sinful Colors in Irish Green for the olive.

Areej, GSM(Grape Set Match) and Charla

I will end it with a pic of Kourt and I and Ms. Chelsea, well a cardboard cut-out of her. See, even her cut out like alcohol lol. We took a small road trip to Austin last year to see her stand up comedy show. Before the show, we got to met Chelsea and another round table regular(Jo Koy). She was doing a book signing for her book Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang. Her books are so funny and chronicles her crazy life. She even called Kourt a little nugget because I told her I had a little nugget just like her (her nugget is Chuy) lol.

So do you watch Chelsea Lately like us? If so, who is your favorite round table comedian? Leave your comments below :)

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