Thursday, September 8, 2011

Jersey Shore OH YEAH!! Mani's HERE!

Hey everyone! Kourt here...I couldn't resist in the title LOL I love Pauly...So if you haven't noticed already Gabby and I's favorite Thursday show is Jersey Shore. I love the saying from Pauly and Vinny, Situation putting his poor head in a situation, and of course the two meatballs Snooki and Deena. Snooki is my favorite though. She's just so cute and funny and she doesn't care what anyone thinks about her.

For my Snooki mani I found my materials at Forever 21. I used a gold cheetah print nail sticker that is similar to the Sally Hansen ones. I cut it in half and painted a gold glitter polish on the other half of the nail. Finished it off with CHI top coat :)

Now these were significantly cheaper than the Sally Hansen nail strips but they didn't last as long. They were fun to wear out at the club I went to though :) You can purchase these at your local Forever 21 for $5.80

I love this gold glitter polish. This is the only glitter polish I own that has strips of glitter in it rather than the regular glitter. It gave off a rainbow effect which I loved! Youo can find this online or at Forever 21 for $2.80

And here we have the final result :) Not bad! It definately stood out.

So do you watch the shenanigans on the Jersey Shore? Who is your favorite? If you haven't watched Jersey Shore it can be found on MTV thursday nights at 10/9c :) Of course I can't end this post without including our pics :)

Fist pumping in our Snooki glasses I made :)


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