Friday, September 2, 2011

Favorites - Day 6 - We're all about crack...

Woohoo the work week is over! For some at least...Like Gabby and myself. It's time for a quick mani, but one people will notice. If you religiously follow our blog (like you should!) then you know our love for the crackle. Our love has spread even to our friends and family.
With all the different crackles/shatters out there I have to say I'm a sucker for China Glaze's Broken Hearted. Pink is my favorite color and I like pairing with colors some wouldn't think about. So for this one I used Sally Hansen's Lightening and painted CG Broken Heart on half the nail at an angle. I loved it!

Like I said before, our love for the crackle has spread to our family and friends. My friend Amanda was over at my house a few weeks ago and she got into my nail polish collection and picked out OPI's Teenage Dream w/ OPI's black shatter. She seriously stared at her nails all night. She has dubbed me her "crack" dealer haha! My mom even likes the crackle. She likes to use it when she doesn't have time to get her nails filled. So here is one of her mani's using OPI's Planks Alot and China Glaze's Fault Line.

I had been obsessing over this trend way before the OPI shatter was scheduled to come out thanks to the nail blogs lol. I just thought it was different and cool, not to mention a little edgy. I've tried most shatter/crackle polishes under different base colors, but I find that my favorite is the black shatter/crackle. I just think any color under black shatter/crackle stands out more. I've tried many combinations but my favorite combination is my diagonal french tip shatter mani I blogged about before. I think it might be because I'm just obsessed with OPI's Teenage Dream lol. I'll post below my diagonal mani and then a full nail crackle manicure using Teenage Dream under China Glaze crackle. I would've used OPI's Shatter to keep it in the same brand family but mine is all goopy and gross and is in desperate need of nail polish thinner. I heard on a blog comment somewhere that thinner works quite nicely to revive all polishes, even shatter/crackle. So I will let y'all know how it does when I purchase it and try it.

Let me introduce to the Crackle Bandit AKA my Mom. The reason she's called the "Crackle Bandit" is because when I get home from work I see them sitting all alone on the kitchen table waiting to re-united with their long lost crackle family. My mother has also been bitten by the crackle bug obviously, so here is just one of the pictures I have tweeted about. She used China Glaze Liquid Leather with OPI's Silver Shatter.

So have you been bitten by the bug too??? Let us know!

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