Monday, June 6, 2011

Sally Hansen Crackle - Review

Hey all Kourtney here!

So I just have to tell everyone what I think about Sally Hansen's crackles. I recently picked up their crackle in Distressed Denim and Vintage Violet. I was so excited to get these because I'm obsessed with crackle polish and I usually like Sally Hansen products.

Unfortunately I was very disappointed in these. First of all it was really thin and watery to the point I had to dip the brush back in the bottle twice to cover one nail. The brush was so skinny and small too. I wish it had the brush that you get with Sally Hansen's Insta-dry polish because that brush is fantastic!

Now the weird thing is on some base colors it cracked so well but on majority of the polish's that I tested on my nail wheel just didn't work out. I tried the Distressed Denim on top of OPI's Designer Series in Radiance. Like I said on some nails it cracked perfectly and on others it barely cracked. So onto the pictures.

Here is the crackles I purchased at Walgreens

Here is the Distressed Denim over OPI Radiance
See how it crackled well on a few nails and then barely on the other?

Here I tried a Patriotic look with Zoya's Sooki, Loreal White and Distressed Denim
I like how it crackle on here...

With the Distressed Denim I used Hard Candy Sky and with the Vintage Violet I used my Loreal White polish. But the one on the farthest right you can barely see the crackle and I believe it's because the consistency of the polish is so thin.

Lastly I used my Sally Hansen Insta-dry inLightening which I love! It crackle pretty well on this color.

Ok so there you have it. I still love most of Sally Hansen products. Especially their polish strips. But I think they need to change the brush and the formula on this because I believe it could be great. Have you used them and what kind of results did you get? I'd love to know!

*These were purchased by me and this review is my honest opinion.

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