Sunday, June 12, 2011

OPI Sparrow Me the Drama + OPI Red Shatter

Hey All! Kourtney here...

Before we get into it, YES this will be yet another post about the crazy crackle/shatter trend. Gabby and I will be doing a series of the new OPI Shatters. So look for a new post everyday with a different color shatter. I recently went to JCPenney Salon and picked up OPI's Red, Navy, Blue, and then the Turquoise (got that one one amazon!) I just had to have them because Gabby brought them over and I lusted after them LOL I almost took them from her. Anyways...

A while back I purchased the OPI Sparrow Me the Drama and OPI Planks Alot (Review for that to come in another post). I tried out the Sparrow Me the Drama  with the Red Shatter and liked it alot. The Sparrow Me the Drama has a creamy application and the brush of course is perfect. I used 2 coats which you can see here:

I then painted the Red Shatter in different directions on top to give it a different shatter effect. I followed all that up with Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat and I haven't had a chip yet and I'm going on 5 days now with the manicure. So check out the Red Shatter over Sparrow Me the Drama.

So overall I really like the Red Shatter. It shattered very well and the brush was just the right size to help cover the nail when painting. OPI is still the front runner for me as far as all the shatter/crackle's go. Have you picked any of the new Shatter's up? What other base color's do you think would look good with the Red Shatter? Let me know below! Thanks

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