Tuesday, May 17, 2011

OPI Silver Shatter

Hey it's Gabby,
As many might have heard, there's this little nail trend going on with Shatter/Crackle polish. Maybe you've heard of it before? If not, then you must keep reading and if you like what you see below, then you must hunt them down and purchase them. The first one that caught my eye was the black Shatter polish from OPI that came out with the Katy Perry collection sometime at the end of last year. Shortly after, China Glaze came out with six similar polished called Crackle polish,but were offered in six different colors. Both shatter/crackle do the same thing, they make this cool pattern when you paint over a completely dry base color. I know I haven't done a post on the other polishes but I will do so eventually.
I, like many of you, subscribe to nail blogs and read somewhere that OPI would be releasing more Shatter polishes but in different colors. I saw that there would be a white shatter, red shatter, several shades of blue shatter and a silver shatter polish. The first one to come out I believe was a white shatter which came with a collection inspired by Serina Williams. I didn't buy the white because I had one similar from China Glaze. Just to let you know, I basically would stalk the blogs to see who had the scoop on release dates or more info on other Shatter polishes. Finally, I noticed posts about this new collection coming out from OPI. This new collection was inspired by the upcoming movie from Disney called Pirates of the Caribbean: Stranger Tides. The colors in that collection are very pretty but the one that I really wanted was the Silver Shatter polish.
After continuing my investigation, I started noticing youtubers and bloggers posting swatches of the collection and mentioning that it would be out sometime in May. After digging some more, I found that this new collection would be possibly coming out Sunday, May 8th (yesterday) As with other collections, I knew that more than likely they would be carried by ULTA, Trade Secret and JCP Salons. This time, instead of hunting down the polish i simply called the JCP Salon closest to me and asked if they had the Silver Shatter. The nice girl who answered said they did have it but it wouldn't be out on display for sale until Monday which is today. I told her that I'd been looking for this polish and needed it,if I could come by and purchase it. After checked quickly to see if I could stop by, she said yes. Yeeeeey!!! I quickly texted Kourt and asked if she wanted me to grab her one too, of course she said yes, and off I was to get our polishes.
Being Mother's day and all, I had plans to meet up with family to celebrate all the wonderful women in my life. I was ready to head out but I just had to try this polish out. I needed a base coat that dried quickly and the only one that came to mind was my China Glaze Purple Panic. I did one coat of Purple Panic because of lack of time and put OPI Silver Shatter over top.
I know what you're saying, enough already get to the pictures. I just want to let you know that the Silver Shatter has a different consistency than the Black Shatter or Crackle polishes. If you have those, you'll know that they are a bit thick and don't have shimmer. The OPI Silver Shatter is the opposite, it's thinner and has a lot of shimmer. Just to inform you, bottles do come with instructions since there's a specific way to apply the shatter polish to get best results. Another thing that's cool about the shatter polish, is that not all the nails will look the same. You can add a thick coat or a thin coat and a get a different look. Make sure that the base color you is is COMPLETELY dry and then apply the Shatter polish. Once the Shatter is dry, then you can add you're favorite top coat to seal the look. Below you will see two different looks using the OPI Silver Shatter, one by me and the other done by Kourt.
Here's what the OPI Silver Shatter polish looks like

Silver Shatter over China Glaze Purple Panic w/o Top Coat
Look at all that shimmer
Close up of the Shatter in direct sunlight
Shade Pictures with Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat
And another shade picture with Top Coat

OPI Silver Shatter over China Glaze Turned up Turquoise

What do you all think? If you like these two looks, I would highly recommend calling the retailers above before driving around to see if they have the shatter polish in stock. I have a feeling that this may be as popular if not more than the black Shatter or Crackle polishes. Hope you can get it and come out with some cool color combos :o)

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