Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Color Blocking-Nails

Hey it's Gabby...
So I've been debating to call this Manicure Monday or Nails of the Week (NOTW). I don't know, I usually like to keep my nails the same for at least a week or If I'm too lazy or not inspired I keep it longer. We shall see...for now I guess it will be NOTW :)

I know I'm behind, but a big trend for Spring/Summer '11 is color blocking. Color blocking is taking two or more colors and pairing them together. It can be complimentary colors or off the wall combinations. Not only have I seen this trend translate on to clothing but also handbags, accessories and of course nails :)

I remember when I was younger, I would never have had my nails painted one solid color. I always used two or three colors on each nail either going diagonally, horizontal, or vertical. All my friends in school would give me compliments on my nails, especially since most of them weren't into polish like I was. If only my mom understood *shaking my head* . She would always get mad at me because my room always stunk of nail polish and nail polish remover. I couldn't help it, I needed to see how the color combinations looked and if I didn't like it then I had to start over.

I've seen gurus and some nail bloggers incorporate this trend by doing it with coloring the nail one color and then tip another color(which I've done). Another way, is by literally drawing blocks of colors on the nail. Personally, I don't think there's a right or wrong way, the choice is yours. Below I'll show you some different ways to color block your nails and you decide which one you like the best.

Here is my look for the week
CG-Purple Panic as base (I'm obsessed) *From Kourtney: She tried to steal mine several times before she got her own bottle*  & Pure Ice-No Means No on tip
Inside with flash

Outside(a little overcast) haha you can see my shoe :)

More french tip options which I love

Some options inspired by clothing I saw in magazines

So what do you think? Is this something you would try and incorporate in your wardrobe or on your nails? I know some of these colors might be too bright for some. Just remember you don't have to use the same colors I did. Use colors that compliment you and that you feel comfortable using. Remember it's just polish, have fun with it :)

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