Thursday, May 19, 2011


Hey everyone!

I was sitting here watching Extreme Couponing (ADDICTED!) and ever since the first time I tuned in I have been clipping coupons. I love bargain shopping and sharing my deals just like I like to share my beauty tips and tricks. So that reminded me of the awesome website MyPoints and how I have benefitted from being a member.

A few years ago my younger sister was visiting and I actually turned in points I earned from the e-mails they send etc and I ended up get a $25 Olive Garden gift card. That helped alot because my sister is a college student so money is tight and we love Olive Garden (even if they don't fill my sippy cup with a margarita).

Well a few months ago I was browsing their rewards section because I have about 3,500 points to spend. I turned them in for a $25 Sally's gift card. WINNING!!! I got about 8 bottles of nail polish when they had their buy 2 get 1 free special and used my gift card!

So I just wanted to share it with all you readers in case you're on a budget. Mypoints is definately a legit site and they have awesome rewards and it's super easy to get points!

If you decided to sign up let them know told you about it!


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