Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sally Hansen Insta-Smooth Hair Removal Pods - Review

Hey everyone! Kourtney here AGAIN...

Today I have for you Sally Hansen's Insta-Smooth Hair Removal Pods. Now I hate having hair on my upper lip and shaving it seems so, I don't know, manly LOL And I hate taking bandaids off so waxing is out of the question too...So when I saw a fellow blogger whom I adore called BeautyBesties review this product I just had to try it out for myself.

So when I received the pods I immediately gave them a whirl. The application is so simple. All you do is bend each end of the pod until they are touching and the hair removal cream comes up through onto the applicator. You leave it on for about 8 minutes or less (although I prefer the 8 minutes) and then wipe it off with a wet cloth.

The first thing I noticed about this after applying it was the smell. It had a sulfur smell which I had in my nose for over an hour after I took the cream off. Thank goodness I don't have anyone kissing on me haha! Other than that these worked like a charm on me. I didn't have to use another one for over a week! I was shocked. It's easy and painless. I took a few pictures in case our lovely followers wanted to try this out, that way you know what to look for and expect.

This is what you should look for. They cost $9.99 And they come 6 in a package.

The applicator is right in the middle.

You just bend them like so...

So overall I liked this product and would definately use it again :)

**This was provided to me for my 100% honest review by Sally Hansen.**

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  1. the smell does stick with you for a bit but it works and I don't feel like a trucker for using it lol