Thursday, July 14, 2011

OPI Day of Shatter Featuring Teenage Dream

Hey all Gabbz here,

On Wed July 13th OPI had an even on Facebook called OPI Day of Shatter. It was for set to last a couple hours and you could post a picture of the look u were wearing on the event wall. Let me tell you, there were a lot of pictures posted on that wall. Some were the traditional way, a base color under a shatter polish and others were more creative. I really enjoyed looking at all of pictures.

So, naturally I had to do a look to show my love for shatter polish. The look I did wasn't my own creation. I saw this look posted months ago on OPI's fan page by a fan named Margarita Mama. I loved it so much that this will be the second time I recreate this look, but first time featured in blog.

The colors I used for this look were the polished that started it all. I blame this collection for sparking my obsession and the cause of my nail polish collection to grow lol.
The base color I used was Teenage Dream from the Katy Perry collection. This collection I believe came out in January of this year. I made sure I went to ULTA the day it was going to be sold because EVERYONE was after this collection. Any who, back to Teenage Dream, it's a really light pink polish filled with an insane amount of micro glitter and round holo glitter. I LOVE it. Every time I wear this color I catch myself staring at my nails and it puts me in a trance lol. It's amazing!!!

For the shatter I naturally used the Black Shatter polish that was released at the same time as Teenage Dream. I think there were also three other polish in collection but I only got these two and one other called The One That Got Away which a pretty sparkly redish wine color which I will feature in the future.

Ok so on to the pictures...

China Glaze Base Coat, Teenage Dream,
Black Shatter & KleanColor in Pearl Silver

Here is 1 Coat of Teenage Dream under CG Base Coat

and 2 coats of Teenage Dream
(If you want it more opaque, you can add more coats)

Inside with flash

And here is the finished look...
I applied the Shatter diagonally and applied
Pearl silver with a thin brush below the shatter
Once dried I applied 2 coats of Seche Vite Dry fast top coat
Teenage Dream is so gritty I had to use 2 coats
of top coat so that it felt smooth

Here's the look in direct sun

Teenage Dream is soooooooo pretty and oh so sparkly which is why I LOVE this polish. I kind of didn't want to apply shatter but I really do like the end result. I'm not sure if you can find these polishes in stores. I know I've seen them sold online through a couple of etailers. I might have to take a look myself and buy a backup for this polish because I never want to run out. Hope you like this look and thanks for stopping by :)

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