Saturday, July 16, 2011

Revlon Just Bitten - Victorian

Hey everyone! Kourtney here :) Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!

So I am still on my True Blood high and I have for you today the Revlon Just Bitten lip stain. I'm a virgin to the lip stains of the world but I decided to give this a go because Revlon is one of my favorite brands. I went to Walmart with my Mom to pick up my medicine and I decided to check out Revlon's section. I had trouble picking a color! I finally ended up picking Victorian which is a bright mauve color. So onto pictures!!

So I like how they did the "Just Bitten" part in what I call the Twilight font lol I'm weird that way

 So this lip stain is just like a marker and feels like a marker too. Definately something I'm not used to but it makes for easy application.

What I didn't know, or didn't pay attention to the commercial, was that this is a double ended lip product. The other end is a lip balm which I applied after applying the lip stain. It kind of just locks it in.

See it's a bright mauve color and it's not too jarring when you wear it. You know how you see those pale pale people (like me) who wear the brightest color on their lips. Nope this was a great color.

Now this picture I didn't plan haha! I went to take off what I swatched on my hand with a makeup removing wipe and I kept scrubbing my hand with it and I still had color left! I thought this part was awesome! It shows you how the color lasts.

So overall I like this product and I would definately recommend it!! I plan on getting more colors too haha! Can't have just one! Have you tried this product and if so what colors?

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