Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tried nail stickers for the first time

Hey hey hey :) So I've been slacking on posting here but alot has been going on. Might slack some more because I'm having surgery soon :/ But then again I may not slack because I will be laid up in bed with nothing else to do hahah!

Anyways the other day I had a special event to go to for my job so I did my nails to match my dress. The dress I got at Agaci for $32 and it was a ruffle one shoulder mini dress and it had a black and grey lace look to it. I did my nails in Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear Black Out. I picked up these cute white flower nail stickers by Nail Artist. I waited until my nails were completely dry and applied 1 sticker to each nail. I didn't have time for a top coat because as usual I was running late! So I took a shower, got dressed, did my hair and makeup and left. Well by the end of the night I still had the stickers on! I was so shocked! They held up really well without a top coat. That night I added more flowers and a top coat and they still held up for a couple of days! I definately recommend these. They are quick and easy.

This was right before I left for the event :)

I'm the smallest LOL!!! But you get to see the dress I was trying to coordinate my nails to.

And this was after. I got bored and re-did some nails and added petals like they were falling :) I got several compliments in the Emergency Room LOL

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