Monday, March 7, 2011

Konad...stamped for the very first time

So I'm a Konad My best friend purchased her Konad awhile back and honestly I didn't think I'd be able to do it...But after watching some youtube videos, and being totally jealous of Gabby's nail designs I caved in and bought my Konad...Sometimes I slip up and call it Gonad just because it's funny to me immature, it's ok ;)

So I've had the Konad for a month and finally used it last night!!! If I am going to toot my own horn for a minute I think I did a great job for the first time using it. Gabby agreed :) Even my dear mama said it looked great and looked like something Gabby would do...And everyone knows aside from Rachel Zoe, Gabby is my style

Anyways so I decided to bust out my new Zoya Spring collection and go with a color that's coming in this season...Grey!!! I can't even begin to express my love for grey...Some may find it boring and depressing...To me it's bright and it makes me happy! Zoya's Dove is just a gorgeous color I think everyone must buy. Grey is just a great universal color. You can wear it with just about any other color in the color spectrum and it's a good go to color when you need to get away from black. So I took some pics of Dove just without my Konad nail art :)

I am just so in love with this shade. Oh and this is my first time using Zoya!!! I'm going to be addicted to this brand I can just see it now. It goes on so well, not to mention it's vegan :) I try to get cruelty free products when I can. I don't think an animal should ever have to suffer just so I can be beautiful. But that is just me!

So onto Konad!! Can I get a OC Vicki WOOHOO!!! I decided to go with the zebra print from one of the bundle monster plates just because I am obsessed with zebra print. It took me a couple tries but I had educated myself before setting out on my voyage! Definately watch several videos from several different people before you do this because you learn techniques and sometimes it just helps to see the way someone holds it, or the angle they apply it at. I went with the black Konad polish and after the design was done I added China Glaze's Fairy Dust on top as well as Konad's clear top coat. By the way CG Fairy Dust is simply amazing, that's all...So without further adieu here is my finished product!

The Fairy Dust is only on the first finger lol I did eventually paint the rest of them with it. Anyways so what do you think?? I love it! And I keep looking at it and keep positioning my hands so people can look at it too and compliment me lol!!!!!


  1. Awesome job I love it!! After you are done with each different nail make over do you watch your fingers when you type then look at the screen and see the gibberish you just typed? Or am I the only one that does that??

  2. Haha Well I don't type gibberish but I always watch them when I type haha Especially at work because all I do is type...LOL So you are not the only one!!!