Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A few of my daily must haves...

Hey everyone!! I am still rocking the zebra print manicure that hasn't chipped yet! So awesome :) Sorry I'm just impressed when my polish doesn't chip :) Small things make me happy! So with that being said I'm just going to blog here about a few daily must have items I'd be lost without!

This first item is what inspired me to do this post haha! I was sitting here with dry hands and reached over to my new favorite lotion and just had to share!!! There are numerous reasons why I love it...I guess I should tell you what brand it is first huh? That might help! It is Bodycology's Vanilla Cupcake body cream. Simply the best lotion I have ever had and trust me I've had alot from the cheap brands to the pricier brands (thanks QVC). This is the best because A) it smells amazing! B) it's only $5 ($4 at our local grocery store here in San Antonio)  C) it really does moisturize your hands/body and lastly D) it is paraben free and doesn't test on animals. I honestly only bought it because I'm obsessed with cupcakes and it smelled heavenly. I didn't expect it to work so well. It was truly concocted by the Gods :) So if you're on a budget but want something to moisturize well, then get it!!! It will have you feeling smooth and smelling good enough to eat and trust me everyone wants to eat me after I use it! I also use the body wash and the body spray but the lotion is definately my favorite :) I just like to have all my products match in scent lol!

The 2nd item I'd be lost without is Mally's Poreless face primer. It feels so amazing on the skin and it keeps your makeup locked in place like no other primer I've ever used. Mally's makeup brand doesn't test on animals, which, as I've stated before I prefer. This was the first product I used by Mally and it was a purchase on a whim lol I was sitting at work one day with nothing to do so I pulled up our shows on and Mally happened to be on the air. I use her eyeliner and mascara too but her Primer is my favorite! If you are unsure what primer is, it acts as a barrier between your moisturizer and your makeup. Sometimes when you apply makeup after your moisturizer it just mixes all together and doesn't adhere and stay on as well. So definately try a primer out! This sells for $35 at and it's item # A86901 or you can do what I did and put it on thier auto delivery plan which is item # A94395 and this will ship to you conveniently every 90 days so you don't have to worry about ordering or forgetting to order. On auto delivery you can also delay the shipment if you need to :)

The last item I have grown to love more than I could love any other skin care item is my awesome Zebra Print Clarisonic! I said I would never spend the amount of money they were asking for this (almost $100 for the MIA which is what I have). But my dear old granny sent me $100 for my birthday/Christmas and it was on sale so I thought what they hay...Well I love it!!! I am someone who has battled with my skin ever since my teen years. I break out like crazy to the point where it looks like I have the grand canyon on my face...Well using the clarisonic has honestly stopped the horrible breakouts because it gets deep into my skin and gets the dirt and gunk out that just normal face washing can't do. It has an awesome feature where it shuts off on it's own after you have been using it on your face for a minute. So no worrying about timing yourself! You can use any smooth cleanser with it and each brush last for 3 months!  Yes I still have acne scarring but the breakouts that I used to get have dwindled down significantly! So if you're on the fence about spending alot on this I say go for it! To me I'd rather pay alot for 1 item I know will work rather than alot of money on several items that will only kind of work.

So that's that. Those are my go to items of the moment!!! I will always blog about a product I am loving and that truly works for me because I love sharing :)

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