Sunday, March 20, 2011

Half-Moon Mani

So in honor of Saturday night's " Supermoon" (biggest full moon in 18yrs) I decided to finally try the half-moon mani. I know this trend has been out for awhile, but this was my first attempt. I've seen many celebrities with this mani but the one I can recall seeing it on first was on Dita Von Teese.

Now it's fairly easy and the combinations are endless. For best results with this half-moon mani or reverse french tip, is to pick contrasting colors. You'll need a light shade for the base(moon) and a darker shade for the top.

Here is how I achieved my look: I used the French Manicure Stickers, KLEANCOLOR Nail Lacquer in Pearl Silver, Milani Nail Lacquer in My Darling and Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.
First you want to apply your base coat, I used Pearl Silver. You want to make sure the base color is Completely dry or else the stickers will peel the color off. It's ok if nail color on top is not perfect or looks streaky because we'll be covering it up with a darker shade.

Once base color is dry apply the stickers at the base of the nail to make the half moon.

Then take the darker shade (in my case I used My Darling) and paint above the sticker line to look like so.
So once that's completely dry, you can remove the stickers and clean up the edges and it'll look like this.
Then I just put a coat of my Seche Vite and I was done.

Now, I've seen other people use the paper re-inforcement stickers and use those instead of the french tip stiƧkers, but I didn't have any. Now the key is to be patient and let the base dry COMPLETELY or it will peel. Yes...I was guilty and it peeled and I had to go over it again. Same with the dark shade,wait for it to dry.

So I hope you all give it this cool and edgy look a try :)

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