Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tuff Scent - Laughter

Hey everyone! Sorry it's been a week since we've posted...We are going to be posting more and hopefully with some new products and ideas! So onto what I have for you today!

Gabby and I received 3 bottles of Tuff Scent nail polish last week and from hearing about the brand, we were very excited to test it out! The first up is Laughter. It is a beautiful maroon with a hint of shimmer. It is also blackberry scented! Now something weird happened. On the nail wheel I tested this on released the scent. But when I painted it on my nails it didn't smell like anything but normal polish :/ I tested out one of the other polish's (their Wisteria scented clear top coat) we received on one of my nails and the scent was great, so maybe the bottle I used was a dud.

That's the only thing I wasn't happy with. Now I've been wearing this polish almost 5 days and it still hasn't chipped! So their brand name fits :) The scent is said to last 24-72 hours and they say that the scent should still come through even if you use a base AND top coat. Just keep in mind the polish has to be dry for the fragrance to be released. The application was flawless although the handle takes a little getting used to because it's so small. But then again I love the look of the handle so I'm not complaining lol! I'm all for a unique bottle!

So enough chatter, let's get onto the pictures shall we?

I used China Glaze Base Coat to start off with and finished with CHI Top Coat (I need to find more of this!!!!)

Notice the hint of shimmer?? This reminds me of high school because our school colors were Maroon and White :)

The handle is actually a flower shape and it's prett heavy but pretty!

I took this last night after having it on for almost 5 days and as you can see there are no chips :)

Overall I give this PARTICULAR bottle a B+ just because the scent didn't come through. I would definately buy more of this polish because I love a polish that doesn't chip after only having it on for a few hours. I really want their metallic collection! I threatened to paint my dad's nails while he was sleeping that way when he scratched his nose he would get a good whiff lol

You can purchase Tuff Scent polish at for $14

**This product was sent to me for my 100% honest review**

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