Sunday, October 23, 2011

Rawr!!! My Frankenstein inspired manicure!

Hey everyone! Kourt here :) Hope everyone is having a great weekend! I sure am :) The Halloween festivities have already commenced in my world! What about you? What are your plans and costumes for Halloween? I'd love to know! I just love seeing different costumes! This year I am planning to be Hello Kitty!

Anyways I was at Walmart the other day picking some stuff up for my mom and I saw the Halloween Sally Hansen Salon Effects and I was super excited because I've been wanting them for a while now. As luck would have it they had the one I wanted the most AND I had a coupon for it! Score! Whenever I use these I just like to pair them with something else to give it a little bit more pizazz and to make it my own. I ended up getting Hot Wired which is a bright green w/ black design. When I see it I think Frankenstein so I sponged on some Zoya's Raven (a nice black) to the tips of the nail to make it look like Frankenstein's flat top hair.

Now I've used several of the Salon Effects and I've liked some and I've disliked some. This one went on super well and it has held up really well 3 days later! I just like to stare at my nails and it's hard not to because it's super bright haha!!! Now to sponge on the black I just used a simple sponge that you can find in your kitchen. I cut it since you don't need a whole sponge for your nail (at least I hope not haha.) After you cut it all you need to do is paint a portion of it with your polish and then simply sponge it on your nail. It's a really simple technique that even the nail challenged people (me) can do. Once you see the finished product it will look like it took you hours to do the manicure OR it will look like you shelled out a lot of moola to get it done professionally! Either way you will have people impressed!

So enough chitty chat, let's switch over to the pics!!!

Here's everything that you will need. The Salon Effects (obviously), Zoya's Raven, CHI top coat, sponge, nail scissors and an orange stick (which comes w/ the Salon Effects). Now I just started using nail scissors to trim the strips in half so you can use one strip for 2 nails and to trim off any excess on the sides. It's a good money saver because you can use the box of strips more than once.

So here you have the finished product. I love it personally! But I'm just biased :p

So does it look Frankenstein-ish to you? Is this a technique you are planning to try or already have tried??? Comment below to let us know (Hey I rhymed!...on that corny note, I'm out!)