Monday, November 7, 2011

Hello Kitty Mani

Hey everyone! Kourt here...Sorry it's been a minute since I posted last. I went back to work for the first time in 6 months and I'm trying to adjust haha...So for Halloween I was Hello Kitty and of course had to do a Hello Kitty themed mani to go with my costume...This will be a quick post...

I had a bottle of Confetti's White Wedding which is just a creamy white and super affordable! It didn't apply as well as I wanted it to but I ended up putting a coat of Orchid's Bedazzled (pretty pink micro glitter) on top and it hid the imperfections. Sidenote - Orchid's polish is awesome and it's another very affordable brand. If I could I would putthis pinky glitter on top of every mani I did.

I had some Hello Kitty stickers that I got for free from BornPrettyStore when they were running a free promo so I used the bows to put in the corner of the nails.

Not much to the mani, it was simple and quick but I wore it a week because I loved it so much!

Alrighty I started off with China Glaze Base Coat, Confetti White Wedding, Orchid Bedazzled and follwed buy CHI top coat. And of course the Hello Kitty nail stickers :)

Just for fun I'll add pics of my costume :) My mom made the bow headband for me.


I had to add this because this is my 1 year old niece and she and I almost had the same skirt and I'm 27 hahaha She is too cute for words and brightens my day :)

So did any of ya'll do a Halloween Mani??? If so comment below because I'd love to see them!!!!

Kourt OUT!!!

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