Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Haul of Randomness

Well hello everyone! Kourtney here! It's been a while since I made a post. I had surgery on March 25th then right after there were some complications with my kidneys and intestines. I was in the hospital for almost 10 days! I have been out for 2 days now and so thankful to get some rest and not have nurses and doctors coming in and out of my room or having my blood drawn 3 times a day. Whew! Anyways on with my haul...

Right before my surgery Zoya had that promo where they had buy 1 of the polish's in the new collections and get 1 free and believe you me I took advantage of that! Free is one of my favorite words haha!!! So here is what I got :)

Ok so I ended up getting 3 and getting 3 for free :) From left to right: Areej, Kieko, Rica, Tanzy, Faye and Reva. They are all beautiful! I am becoming obsessed with Zoya at a fast rate haha!

Now another special I ended up taking advantage of was yesterday by Sally's. They are offering buy 2 polish's of any brand and get 1 for free. So of course I went for that special, with the free word again hah! Now I'm on bed rest and can't go anywhere so my wonderful, beautiful, awesome and caring Mama went to Sally's for me yesterday and purchased the colors I wanted for me! I would have done it online but Sally's doesn't let you use your Sally's gift cards online! Ugh I was so frustrated! I mean they've been around for years, how can they not be up with the times and have an option to pay with a gift card on their website??? Good thing I have a fantastic mother! So I ended up getting 6 polish's and then I also bought the Seche Vite Dry Fast top coat and Seche Vite's base coat (that wasn't included in the special :( ) For everything I ended up only paying $8 because I had a $25 Sally's gift card I redeemed over at Mypoints (if you want a referral leave me your e-mail). Not bad if I do say so myself! So here is what I hauled from Sally's!

 Orly Glitz and Glamour (boo it's going to be discontinued! So sad because it's gorgeous!)

So there is my haul! I also received Sinful Colors Courtney Orange from my friend Mari because of the name :) If only it was spelled with a "K" ;)!!!

I also received Milani Red Sparkle to review so look for that in the future!! Here is a preview ;)

And I have to give out a shoutout to my girl Jamie for sending me OPI's My Private Jet after I've been lusting for it for a while haha! It's beautiful!!

I'll end it here with a color wheel of all the colors I've hauled :) Have a great day everyone!!

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  1. wow you have a lot of them! very nice colours :)
    There is a giveaway on my blog, participate if you want to :)